SIB bagging trips from Kylesku and Kinlochbervie – May 2024


Trip summary

Two trips to rarely visited islands in the far NW region of Scotland, to include the waters around Eddrachillis Bay,  Loch Laxford and as far north as Sandwood Bay.

SIBs = Significant Islands of Britain.


Week of Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May: exact dates subject to confirmation dependant on boat availability.


Steve Gillions

Trip itinerary

Advance planning information: subject to some revision as described below

This is the week immediately before this year’s Annual Dinner but no specific days are yet confirmed with Seascape. Two trips are planned, with target islands as below. As usual with SIB trips, they will be subject to weather conditions and skipper’s decisions on the day and there can be no guarantee of landing on all or any of the islands.

Trip 1 departing from Kylesku:

  • Eilean a Ghamhna
  • Calbha Mor
  • Calbha Beag
  • Eilean na Bearachd
  • Eilean Dubh
  • Eilean Dornaidh Oscair
  • Eilean Garbh
  • Ceannamhor
  • Meall Mor
  • Meall Beag

Shown on map above

Trip 2 departing from Kinlochbervie

  • Eilean a Chonnaidh
  • Eilean an Roin Mor
  • Eilean an Roin Beag
  • Eilean na Saille
  • Eilean a Chad-fi
  • Eilean an Eireannaich
  • Eilean Ard
  • Eilean a Mhadaidh
  • Eilean Dubh na Fionnadalach
  • Am Beag

Shown on map below.

Places available

Each trip is for 12 people. Subject to demand and boat availability multiple trips from each departure point may be possible.

Departure or meeting place

Kylescu and Kinlochbervie exact departure point TBC


Make own arrangements.

Challenges and competences needed

To land on the islands you will need to be able to exit and return to a moving boat onto  a rocky coastline.

Businesses arranged through

Seascape (


Estimated cost £125-£150 based on boat of 12.

Reserve or enquire about trip Replace AT by @

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