RHSoc trip: Shiants bagging September 2021

Given that the Kilda Krew and a few other baggers will be in Harris and Lewis around 10-14th September, it seems to be a good opportunity to organise a trip to the Shiants to bag Mullach Buidhe around that time.

We will be travelling with Sea Harris, so the idea is to work the Shiants trip in between the St Kilda trips whenever the conditions are suitable, on a date between 11-16th September.  It’s quite a flexible arrangement and, as always, it’s weather dependent, so it would work best for people who have a variety of other bagging objectives in the Western Isles.

There are a total of 12 places available for the trip to the Shiants.  The cost will be £80 per person if we manage to fill the boat with 12 people; if there are fewer, the cost will increase proportionately.

If you’re interested, please contact Gill Stephens to reserve a place:

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