Membership Options

Fiona and Stuart Clark reach the Marilyn Hall of Fame
on Newtyle Hill, Dunkeld

The Relative Hills Society (RHSoc) is affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland (MS), the national body for climbing and hill walking clubs in Scotland. This provides the liability cover that protects Members and the Committee from claims of negligence that may be made against the Society (N.B. it is not travel insurance).

Therefore, membership for Ordinary Members of the Society includes a subscription to Mountaineering Scotland in addition to the RHSoc subscription. However, those who are already Members of one of the National Mountaineering Bodies in the UK need not pay the MS fee to RHSoc. The fees are explained on the Annual Subscription Page.  

Ordinary Members

The benefits of RHSoc Membership are as follows:

  • You can attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting which takes place immediately before the Annual Dinner.
  • You can attend any trips or events organised by the Society. These typically involve Hostel meets in the Spring and Autumn as well as the Annual Dinner in early Summer, and may include trips to St Kilda islands and stacs.
  • You will receive the annual Journal Relative Matters in March each year.
  • You are invited to submit your Baglogs for publication in Relative Matters, describing what you have been doing during the year. Members are also welcome to submit articles, cartoons, photos, etc. related to hill bagging.
  • You will receive regular news updates via the Relative Mutters newsletters
  • You will receive a Membership Card which you may use to collect discounts from retailers negotiated by Mountaineering Scotland.

The benefits of membership of Mountaineering Scotland include receiving their Mountaineer magazine four times per year, getting discounts on your outdoor purchases and winter access to Glen Strathfarrar. More details are available in the attached leaflet.



The Society recognises that many people interested in Relative Hills may no longer be as active as they once were and will not feel the need for the liability cover provided by Mountaineering Scotland. However, they may well be interested in the exploits of their fellow baggers and would like to keep in touch with events.

The Cairngorms from the Strathspey Railway
Photo by Chris Crocker

Therefore the Subscriber option is also available.

The benefits of the Subscriber option are as follows:

  • You will receive an annual copy of Relative Matters.
  • You will be able to contribute to Relative Matters and this will be published in the Journal and / or online.
  • You will receive the regular Relative Mutters newsletters.

However, you will not be able to

  • Attend any trips or events organised by the Society
  • Attend or vote at the AGM
  • Attend the Annual Dinner other than as an invited Guest
  • Receive any of the benefits associated with Mountaineering Scotland affiliation.

N.B. Subscribers can transfer to Ordinary Membership at any time on payment of the appropriate Mountaineering Scotland fee.