Online Hill Bagging Talks 2021 – Relative Chatters

Given restricted access to real hills currently, we are pleased to offer a new opportunity for Members to share hill bagging exploits virtually.

RHSoc has persuaded some inveterate baggers to share their hill bagging achievements with fellow Members in online Zoom sessions.  We hope you will be inspired and amused. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions within the hour-long session.

Members will have received an email explaining how to gain access. More details are available in the members' area.

The sessions are:

19:30-20:30 Tuesday 2 February 2021: The Final Push for the First Female Marilyn Completion: Jenny Hatfield and Rick Salter- Video of talk available until end of February 2021 

Jenny and Rick will illustrate a momentous year when they drove around the UK in a camper van to achieve their goal of Marilyn completion and, specifically, for Jenny to be the first female to complete the Marilyns. They will also look back on their ascent of the St Kilda stacs, possibly the most difficult hills within the list, with some exclusive video footage, courtesy of Bob Kerr.

19:30-20:30 Tuesday 2 March 2021: Old Men and Big Lists - Rob Woodall 

Rob will build on the Marilyn story to show why he chose Humps next, explain why the St Kilda stacks took a decade to crack, give his story of  Hump completion (including the five stacs), before a final quick peek into the world of international bagging and the latest stage in the process of listing worldwide peaks by prominence. He will feature Jon Metcalf's Led Zeppelin-backed 3minute stacs slideshow- you saw it here first!

19:30-20:30 Tuesday 13 April 2021: An Adventure in Indonesia - Pete Ellis

Pete Ellis is Marilynist Number 11, completing just before the lockdown last March.  In 2012, he climbed Everest (from the Tibet side) to become one of about 400 people to complete the Seven Summits, the highest points of each of the seven continents. After an introduction to the Seven Summits, this illustrated talk concentrates on the Australasian part of the quest with a trip to the remote and tribal region of West Papua, Indonesia, and the location of the Carstensz Pyramid, one of the most challenging peaks of the set. Meet the Dani tribesmen, and enjoy a Tyrolean Traverse at 4,500m!

19:30-20:30 Tuesday 4 May 2021: Trials and Tribulations of UK Island bagging - Bob Kerr

Back by popular demand after the St Kilda video clips on 2 February, here is an opportunity to dream of island bagging again.

At the end of the session, there will be a structured opportunity to identify which islands members would like to visit e.g. by a shared boat charter and - hopefully - find some coordinators for future trips.

Depending on feedback from these initial talks, RHSoc will look to run further online sessions through the year; suggestions of future topics/ speakers would be appreciated.

If you can't make the time for a talk, a recording will be available via the RHSoc website members' area.  (NB:  Accessible to our Members only).