Relative Matters Journal and Mutters Newsletter

Relative Matters

Relative Matters is the Society’s Annual Journal. It is published in March/April and contains articles and Baglogs by Members and Subscribers. Baglogs are hill bagging recollections of the past year.

The 100+ page 2024 edition has recently been published and will be mailed to new members who join us during 2024.

The journal covers all the relevant Halls of Fame are included, plus lists of landmark achievements during the year.

It covers mainly British hills but there are usually a significant number of articles on international bagging, from Ireland to Australia.

There is also an online version with even more pictures and articles (but without the Halls of Fame) which is handy if you don't have the paper copy for previous years.

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Relative Mutters

This is the regular Newsletter produced by the Editorial Group to keep Members and Subscribers up to date with what is happening in the Society. Planned trips and events, reports on past events, details of subscription changes and any other relevant mutterings are included. Mutters is sent out to Members initially but will be made available on this site a couple of weeks after publication.

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