The Dodds

Old Man of Storr. Photo credit: John Henderson

The Dodds are British Hills between 500 and 600m high with 30 metres of prominence. They started with the Deweys, hills between 500m and 609.6m (2000ft) in England and Wales, listed by Michael Dewey. David Purchase extended the concept to Southern Scotland, with the Donald Deweys. Tony Payne extended the concept to the whole of Scotland, with the list refined as part of Mark Jackson’s mammoth Tump listing project, and listed as Highland Fives, before the various list were unified as a single British list - the Dodds.
The Dodds include the Old Man of Storr and two nearby pinnacles. The Old Man itself has been climbed only a handful of times – due to the combination of technical climbing and extremely unreliable rock. Its two neighbours have similarly poor rock and it is unclear whether either has been summitted. The Dodd Hall of Fame is managed by Alex Cameron.