Recommended sites for hill walkers and peak baggers

British Isles focused

Relative Hills of Britain RHB Alan Dawson's website on Marilyns and other relative hill lists of Britain. Includes online versions of the 18 annual Marilyn Hall of Fame Newsletter magazine as well as the ongoing Marilyn Hall of Fame. Hill Bagging is the online version of the Database of British and Irish Hills. The website is updated on a regular basis. Each hill has its own entry with a range of useful information. If you register on the website you can log your own progress with the lists.

Haroldstreet Mountain Lists, GPS waypoints and hill-walking routes. An alternative website that also hosts the Database of British and Irish Hills data and also many other hill and non- hill lists. The website is updated on a regular basis. If you register on the website you can log your own progress with the lists.

TrigpointingUK Trigpoint Logging System. Obviously, not a relative hill based list. However, there are useful trip reports and there is a very good phone app that allows you to log your tripoint pillars whilst on the hill and by checking the FB number you can confirm you are on the right hilltop.

Change Register - The Marilyns of England and Change Register - The Marilyns of Wales Change Registers to the Marilyns of England and also the Marilyns of Wales, post-TACit Tables publication, are now available on Mapping Mountains. Each includes changes to the Submarilyns.

UK Hillwalking - UKH is a popular online magazine covering hill walking related news and articles in the UK

Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey, Britain's mapping agency.

Mountain Bothy Association manages some 100 shelters in some of the remoter parts of Britain with the permission and support of the owners. The shelters are unlocked and are available for anyone to use, even relative hill-baggers.

Grough magazine Grough Digital outdoor magazine with a Facebook presence and an emphasis on mountain rescue.

Mountain Weather Information Service Mountain Weather Information Service provide detailed three-day forecasts for the main hillwalking areas of Britain. There is also a phone app.

British Geological Survey British Geological Survey Geology of Britain viewer. There are two very good phone apps to help you to identify what kind of rock that you just stubbed your toe on.

Magicseaweed The Magicseaweed site is for surfers. However it is useful to know the sea conditions when bagging islands, which are hills surrounded by water, that is often choppy and swelly.

International focus

Peakbagger USA based website with astonishing number of world-wide hill and mountain lists that would take several lifetimes to exhaust the possibilities. Excellent source for the Ultra and Major lists. Equally excellent phone app for Android and iPhones that allows you to store information from the Peakbagger and Summitpost websites for offline use. You can log your bags on the go. Highly recommended.

Summitpost An invaluable source of information about mountains and mountain ranges throughout the world. Includes lots of trip reports and GPS tracks. Information can be stored on your phone using the Peakbagger app.

Europeaklist European hill and mountain lists, country by country. A labour of love by Mark Trengove.

MountainViews an outstanding website that covers Ireland. A contender for one of the best hill/mountain websites in the world.

Wikiloc has trails of the world. Excellent collection of other people's GPS tracks for when trying to find the path without a British OS quality map.

Austrian Alpine Club (UK Section) membership includes at no extra charge, Mountain Rescue Insurance; worldwide to 6000m, without age limit and inclusive of repatriation; Alpine Hut Rights; discounted accommodation costs in alpine huts belonging to the National Alpine Mountaineering Federations.

Baggers without Borders - International Peakbaggers' Progress Registers and Halls of Fame. Also contains hill / mountain lists for European countries.