RHSoc Committee

Rick Salter - Chair

A Cumbria-based mountaineer, chemist and traveller, Rick is passionate about all things outdoors - hills, campervan living, coastal walking and cocker-spaniel Bryher. Along with Jen, also a Marilyn completer, they are working on a number of hill lists: Mainly mountains over 600m (Munro tops, Donalds, Simms and Nuttalls), plus the odd Hump as time permits. Having completed the Munros, Corbetts, Grahams, Wainwrights, Birketts, Synges, and Cumbria All Lists, Rick recently entered the Dodds Hall of Fame and with Jen is close to completing English and Welsh 2000 footers.

Jon Foote - Deputy Chair

Jon has been visiting relatively hilly places since before he could walk.  After his rock-climbing days had largely ceased, he continued to enjoy hill walking, and eventually got around to counting how many Marilyns he had visited.  To his surprise, this was under one hundred, not very good for someone who thought he was experienced.  It took a little longer to get hooked on bagging them.  He has no intention of completing them or any other list, but they are a great excuse and motivator, and lead to some fine places, and some good friendships.

Jon is currently the Editor of Relative Matters, the Society's annual Journal.

Barry Smith - Treasurer

Barry was an accountant with PWC up until retirement in 2011 and still does some part-time work. He is a keen Marilyn bagger since discovering Alan Dawson’s book on Relative Hills soon after completing the Munros in 2004. In 2016 Barry completed a book ‘The Top 500 Summits’ about climbing the highest 500 Summits in Britain and Ireland with a 500 ft drop on all sides (the list closely resembles the highest 500 Marilyns). Barry lives in Loughborough, and has two children, Alex and James, and two grandchildren, both aged under three and yet to climb a mountain!

Jenny Hatfield - Membership Secretary

I am an outdoor enthusiast, appreciating anything that gets me out into the natural world and wild places. Walking is my favourite pastime: hills, mountains, coast and islands accompanied by Bryher the cocker spaniel, and Rick. I have completed all the Marilyns, Munros, Corbetts, Grahams, Donalds and Donald Tops, Firths, Wainwrights, Outlying Fells, Birketts, and Synges the Snowdon Simms, Nuttalls, Buxton and Lewis’s, and Bridges. I am currently working on completing the Munro Tops, and am also enjoying the High Hills and higher Simms in Scotland, plus Dodds, Sibs and Humps. I am a keen gardener, and also love observing wildlife, photography and vegetarian cooking. I also love spending time with family and friends.

Jill Robertson - Secretary

I live in The Lake District and having completed The Wainwrights, Wainwright Outlying Fells, Birketts, Synges and Cumbrian Marilyns I have moved on from Cumbria to Scotland!

I am currently working on Munros, Marilyns and SIBS.


Dave Chaffey - Webmaster

Dave completed the Munros in 1994, and has been slowly working on the Corbetts since then and is around the 200 mark. He's taken a while since most weekends and holidays are taken up competing in orienteering events. He is also nearing completion of the Derbyshire Tumps and working on Marilyns with a focus on the Welsh and English Marilyns. Webmaster duties follow on naturally from advising on digital marketing since the 1990s, including writing several books on digital marketing which have been translated into many languages.

Chris Ottley - Events and Trips

Chris started walking with my family and Scouts in the Derbyshire Peak District and never really stopped. There was a slight lull in the 1990s whilst living in North Essex, although the coastal paths are pleasant enough. Then moved to Lancaster followed a few years later to Durham to rekindle the walking urge with the the Munros and Wainwrights finally completed before moving across into the serious business of Marilyns, Tumps, ski touring and trig pillars.

Jonathan Woods - HoF Clerk

At an early age Jonathan was introduced to fell-walking in the Lake District by his parents. Together the family started climbing the Wainwrights, and over many holidays and realised that it might be possible to climb them all. They achieved this just after Jonathan turned 18. After many walking trips to North Wales, Derbyshire and Yorkshire whilst growing up Jonathan first travelled to Scotland and the Isle of Arran in 1981. This was followed by walking the West Highland Way in 1982, and climbing Ben Nevis, before a return that summer to start Munro bagging. A job move to Scotland made the Munro more accessible and Jonathan completed these with his wife Lynda in 1996. "Fortunately", having received "The Relative Hills of Britain" book for the preceding Christmas a new-found, and continuing life-long passion was born for climbing any relative hill.