The team at the Gruinard Island summit cairn. Photo: Jill Robertson/Christine Pierce.

Past Events and Trips

This page lists our past hill and island bagging trips for RHSoc Members, with reports where available which can inform future trips.

Note that these past trip reports will sometimes require you to sign in to the Members area (marked *) since we share photos for which permission of participants may not have been given to be on the public website.

Moffat - Autumn Rambles weekend: October 2022

We booked an independent hostel in the Moffat area for the 28,29,30th. All places were booked.

Mount Manisty (TBA)

This Tump / spoil heap lies between the Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal and is approached from the river by boat. Tony Jenkins is hoping to make contact with a local boatman shortly and we will be advising Members when we know a bit more.

Pabbay/Taransay/Scarp: September 2022

Co-ordinator: Alastair Govan.

A day trip from Leverburgh. Giving 1.5hrs on Pabbay, 2hrs on Taransay and 2.5hrs on Scarp.  

Parc Marilyns: September 2022

Co-ordinator: Alastair Govan.

Car drop off at Rubha Briodog to the S, and traverse the 5 Marilyns starting at Caiteseal.

Orkneys: 2-4 and 9-11 August 2022. 

Co-ordinators - Noman Wares and Steve Gillions. Islands visited. These notes are from Norman, Week 1.

  • Day 1 : Helliar Holm, Gairsay, Eynhallow, Wyre, Egilsay, Faray, Holm of Faray.
  • Day 2 : Muckle Green Holm, Linga Holm, Papa Stronsay, Stronsay, Copinsay.
  • Day 3 : Stroma, Switha, Fara, Rysa Little, Cava, Barrel of Butter, Graemsay.

Boat Charter Company - Northerly Marine Services, Kirkwall. Boat was Brimoy (which is to be renamed) and crewed by Mark (Skipper) and Sean Glackin (tender duties etc). Boat capacity was 12 + crew, although we were originally told that the other boat to be used was licenced for 10.

Only aspect to note was that whilst we were on Stroma (uninhabited) the owner arrived and said we should have phoned him first in case of sheep handling activities. We obtained his number for future use.

Weather was mixed with a variety of wind, sun and rain. All appeared to enjoy the trip.

The Garvellachs, Summer Isles and Sanda - June 2022

Jim Bloomer arranged a successful SIB bagging trip to the Summer Isles on 13/14 June. 

Norman Wares arranged a boat trip to the Garvellachs on 16 June. See Trip report for photos.

Unfortunately, the trip to Sanda arranged for 18 June had to be postponed due to bad weather.

Shropshire - Annual Dinner - May 2022

The AGM took place at 5pm, then some 60 members and their guests gathered for the dinner.

Upper Park - May 2022

The day of the AGM started with a walk to the summit of Upper Park near Welshpool. This followed permission by the Powys Estate. Twenty-seven of us gathered near Powys Castle for the walk, 23 of whom had not climbed Upper Park before. We were greeted by a herd of about 100 Steers (or at least I have been advised that they were Steers) but we managed to pass this test, ably led by Rick, and enjoyed cake and Prosecco on the summit. An alternative descent was adopted to avoid the steers.

Islay - April 2022

Gill Stephens arranged a very successful trip to Islay at the beginning of April. Alex Cameron assisted with two boat trips around Islay and Rob Woodall and Jonathan Woods combined for a TUMP completion trip totalling 19,000 TUMPs (16,000 Rob, 3,000 Jonathan). See trip report.

Trip Report: Alston Bagger Rambles, November 2021

Summer Isles SIB bagging, Ullapool - 12 and 13 July 2021

Boat Trip To Cruach Scarba (Marilyn, North end of Jura) - 22 July 2021 

An island-bagging day trip from Black Mill Bay on Luing, landing at island jetty with kind support from the island's owner. Arranged by Phil Massey.

Boat Trip to Sanda - 19 August, 2021  

There was lots of interest when Rick flagged up a possible daytrip to the Hump on Sanda Isle, actually enough for several boats. 

Boat Trip to Bishop 'Marilyn' Isles, South of Barra, Outer Hebrides: 7 September 2021

Shiants trip - September 2021 

St Kilda Isles (Hirta, Dun, Soay and Boreray) from Leverburgh, Harris: 10-14 September 2021 and 20-24 September 2021

Annual Dinner and AGM Saturday 18th September 2021-

The Venue was The Moorings Hotel, Banavie, Fort William