Events and Trips FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about going on RHSoc Trips

Q. I would like to meet other members by joining a trip? How do I do this?

Joining a trip is a good way to meet other members, who live all across the UK. Have a look on the Upcoming Events and Trips page and see if there are any trips that you fancy.

If there are, next, email RHSoc.

Your email will be passed on to the person who is coordinating the trip and you will then be able to have a discussion about further details i.e. dates, location, cost, the type of accommodation, eating arrangements as well as the level of competence needed.

For most trips, including the Spring and Autumn Bagger Rambles,  group walks are not formally arranged and there is no minimum level of skills needed; on arrival you can share walking route plans with others. However, for some trips, notably the trips to the St Kilda isles, you may need a minimum level of competence as, for example,  there are landings on islands with no jetties and variable swell and the weather can be unpredictable. On the St Kilda trips, you may also need climbing skills. The Trip Coordinator can explain all of this to you.

Q. My friend is not a member – can they join me on a trip or event?

Generally, if there is sufficient space, non-members will be welcomed as ‘prospective members’. Under the terms of the liability insurance arranged via Mountaineering Scotland, prospective members can attend up to two trips or events before they need to be members. More information can be provided by the Membership Secretary or Trip Secretary.  Some trips, typically the St Kilda trips, are ‘members only’ trips due to the level of interest they always attract.

Q. I have an idea for a trip - e.g. I want to visit a certain island to bag a hill but need to recruit a few others to bring the costs of the boat down.

The Society encourages all members to suggest ideas for trips and/or arrange them. Members have pulled together tips and information about bagging Marilyns in islands not accessible by public transport. Suggestions and contact details on boat charter are available from the Members' area in the article: Advice for Bagging Island Marilyns not accessible by public transport. This includes which boat charters are best for different Scottish islands, plus contact details.

The Trip and Event Secretary can offer help with publicity, support and guidance on various aspects and even help find others to assist with the organisation, suggest boat skippers etc. Some tips for trip coordinators are available here and here. And/ or you can   Email RHSoc for help/ advice.

Q. What do you mean by communal cooking at the ‘Bagger Rambles?

Typically, for the Spring and Autumn Bagger Rambles,  we have booked exclusive use of a hostel or outdoor centre. Some nights we have arranged a table at a local pub and other nights we have sought volunteers to assist with cooking a communal meal and/or cooked breakfast. However, members are also welcome to cook their own food in the self-catering kitchens as well.

Q. Can I camp/ stay in my camper van rather than stay in the accommodation on Bagger Rambles?

It is often possible to stay in your own camper van/ camp nearby at a Bagger Rambles events and join up with others for walks and pub meals. However, depending on hostel regulations, there may or may not be access to the hostel for facilities/ communal meals cooked there. To make the trip economically viable a minimum number of members is usually needed so the Trip Coordinator may still request that members opt for a hostel place until the numbers are sufficient.

Q. When do I have to pay for a trip?

This depends on the trip, but typically, all moneys are paid in advance to the Trip Coordinator with no refunds for short notice cancellations. Payment may be sometimes made in two parts but the place is only assured once the full payment has been made.