The Tumps

Tumps are British Hills with 30 metres of prominence. The higher P30 hills were already included in other lists. Mark Jackson combined these with his own research, notably for vast tracts of unlisted Scottish sub 500m territory. His initial assessment was a very broad-brush spreadsheet, but it was not long before baggers began to investigate further, and the long list became even longer. Sand dunes and slag heaps and all manner of man-made, but fairly mature, lumps and bumps were added. The April 20 figure stands at 17,151 and it changes regularly…

The initial spreadsheet was managed for a while by Andrew Tibbetts, but around 2013, the Tumps were added to the Database of British and Irish Hills and became much more accessible via the Hill Bagging website. Adrian Rayner manages the Tumps Hall of Fame which has quite a low entry level of 2000 but with several levels above that. As of 2019, eight baggers have passed the 5000 threshold and two are past 8000.

The Tumps have been subdivided in several ways, including counties, RHB sections, Topo sections, river catchments, multi-tump islands and watershed lines. All these have provided much friendly rivalry among baggers seeking to be first to complete a subset, or to amass the largest collection of completed counties / sections / islands. As of 2019, the low-hanging fruit has mostly gone, and it is increasingly difficult to find a virgin set which can be completed without running into obstacles such as sea stacks, and/or bagging very large numbers of summits.