The Significant Islands of Britain

The Significant Islands of Britain (SIBs) are islands (including plenty which can be accessed on foot at low tide) exceeding 30m prominence and/or 30 hectares, listed by Alan Holmes, with the additional proviso that they can be ascended without rock climbing.

The cutoff is grade 1 scrambling, although it’s a grey area, but in theory, the SIBs are a “doable” list - although currently no-one is close to finishing. Alan Holmes also manages the SIB “ship’s manifest” "hall of fame', with thresholds at 80 (lower deck), 160, 240, 320, 400, 480 and 560.

Ore Stone - a scrambly English SIB. Photo credit: Richard Mclellan

Many of our Events and Trips are to trips by Members to visit SIBs.

RHSoc Members can watch the excellent talk by Bob Kerr on the 'Trials and Tribulations of Island Bagging' in our Members' area showing examples of how he has visited and climbed many islands and hills. You can learn about other definitions of islands ( and associated lists to bag) and useful books. Within the Members' area there is lots of information about bagging the less accessible islands, especially ones with Marilyns on.

You might be interested to read this blog post on the Joys of Island Bagging by Denise McLellan which also links to details of Boat charter and contact details.