Halls of Fame

Covid-19- New Poly Bagging Award and Hall of Fame

We have launched a new Hall of Fame, for repeat ascents of the same hill, reflecting the likelihood that you will walk more locally. These are the criteria for entry:

  • Your hill(s) or mountain(s) can be anywhere in the world, and of any height, provided they have at least 30 metres/98.4ft of prominence.
  • You need at least 100 ascents of the peak to enter the first level of the Hall of Fame.
  • You need to have kept a record of your ascents – no rough estimates.
  • You need to put a bit of effort into reaching the top – no driving to the summit and strolling to reach it!

Our HofClerk, Mark Trengove, will be publishing the first Hall of Fame in the summer in relation to the 2019 year as a base-line.  So please contact him on Hof@rhsoc.uk if you would like to be enrolled – even if you have not yet reached 100.  If you want to be included in the baseline, Mark will need the overall total for each peak at 31st December 2019, and how many ascents you did in the course of 2019.

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