Soay ewes plus view towards Dun, St Kilda. Photo: Douglas Law.

About RHSoc Events and Trips

2021 and 2022 Trips

RHSoc organises a number of annual events. The Autumn and Spring Bagger Rambles weekends allow members to gather together for hill-bagging and socialising at hostels or outdoor centres. A key event for Marilyn baggers is the RHSoc annual trip to St Kilda, to ascend the Marilyns on Hirta, Dun, Soay and Boreray, weather-permitting.

See our Upcoming Events and Trips page for the latest schedule.

In addition, trips are often publicised on the Relative Hills Facebook Page, Island Bagging Facebook Page or Tumps Facebook Page. Members also receive notification of events in the Relative Mutters newsletter.

There is also an Annual General Meeting followed by an Annual Dinner, with an award ceremony for Mad Baggers and new entrants to Halls of Fame. This takes place in June/ July each year, rotating between Scotland, England and Wales. Members and their Guests will have priority for places at this popular event which is also open to Prospective Members.

RHSoc encourages and supports all Members to arrange additional trips or events to hill bagging objectives, especially where there is benefit in acting as a group, e.g. to reduce the cost of accommodation or boat charter, to facilitate access, or to celebrate a list completion/ Hall of Fame entry.

RHSoc can support Members arranging trips / events with advice, financial support for deposits, liability cover (including for prospective members), publicity and relevant chants. Contact us at for assistance.

Where there is doubt about access to a particular summit, RHSoc strongly advises gaining permission from the landowner in advance. Such permission must be sought for any trips organised by RHSoc.

The Committee will continue to work with landowners and other authorities to facilitate access to difficult bagging goals, as we have for many years on St Kilda.

Trips to Islands

The Society encourages all members to suggest ideas for trips and/or arrange them. Members have pulled together tips and information about bagging Marilyns on islands not accessible by public transport. Suggestions and contact details for boat charters, information about bird nesting restrictions and availability of piers to land on are available from the Members' area or the link at the end of the blog:  The Joys of UK Island Bagging.

Relative Chatters - Online Hill Bagging Talks 2021

Given restricted access to real hills currently, we are pleased to offer a new opportunity for Members to share hill bagging exploits virtually. RHSoc has persuaded some inveterate baggers to share their hill bagging achievements with our Members in online Zoom sessions.

See topics and times for the forthcoming talks and talk recordings.