International Hall of Fame 2021

The Tables below are an edited extract provided to RHSoc by Mark Trengove from his Baggers without Borders International Peak-baggers' Registers and Halls of Fame.

They include:

The P1500m Peaks ('Ultras')

Hall of Fame Thresholds for Ultras=15.

1Rob Woodall1335
2Richard Mclellan0274
3Denise McLellan0232
4Pete Ellis099
5Lee Newton *075
6Adrian Rayner074
7Martin Richardson073
8Alastair Govan058
9Daniel Quinn353
10Graham Illing047
11Tove Illing034
12Ann BowkerD28
13Rowland BowkerD27
14Rhona Faser026
15Julie Brown017
16Keith Anderson016
17Peter Bellarby015
17Keith Craig015
17Chris Upson015

The P1000m Peaks ('Ribus')

Hall of Fame Thresholds for Ribus=30.

1Rob Woodall52585
2Richard Mclellan9381
3Denise McLellan8317
4Martin Richardson0210
5Lee Newton *3176
6Pete Ellis0126
7Adrian Rayner098
8Daniel Quinn994
9Alastair Govan073
10Graham Illing063
11Ann BowkerD40
11Rowland BowkerD40
13Rhona Faser032
13Chris Upson032
15Peter Bellarby031
16Keith Anderson030

The P600m Peaks ('Majors')

Hall of Fame Thresholds for Majors=150.

1Rob Woodall1551039
2Richard Mclellan31570
3Martin Richardson0550
4Denise McLellan33438
5Lee Newton *14435
6Pete Ellis0269
7Alastair Govan2177
8Daniel Quinn6174
9Graham Illing0172
10Rowland BowkerD171
11Jim Bloomer0168
11Ann BowkerD166
13Gary Jones0158

Codes: *=New entries, D=Deceased, R=Retired.