Marilyn hillwalk planning and logging tool

I've created this tool as a quick alternative and complement to Hill Bagging that will help you easily visualize all the Marilyns in the UK to help with trip planning. Rather than having to drill down to choose hills by section, you can choose by the area you're planning to visit based on the clusters of hills.

You can also use it for hill logging - if you click on the pop-up for a hill it will take you to the hill details page on Hill Bagging and you can add your log and view recommendations on climbing the hill from other ascensionists.

If using on a desktop, double click to Zoom In on an area. Shift click to Zoom Out. Shift, click mouse and drag to create a rectangle to zoom in on an area. On phones or tablets you can select area with finger/thumb and double-tap to zoom in.


Click or tap on any blue marker to display a pop-up showing the hill name, height and visit the relevant Hill Bagging hill page by clicking on the link.  Right-click on link or hold finger down on mobile to open the hill in a new browser tab or window and retain your selected view of hills.

Notes on implementation

This map is built using the open-source mapping tool Leaflet and uses map tiles from OpenStreetMap. In time, I could extend this to add the Ordnance Survey, but the current plugin we use on RHSoc doesn't support the neat Clustering tool - the map is too cluttered if all 1500+ Marilyns are displayed at once.

To test the mapping tech available I have used the Marilyns since they are the most popular type of Relative Hill lists with our members, so I thought I'd start here, although I know Tumps and SIBs are popular too.

I realize the utility of this tool is limited since it doesn't show you which hills you have climbed as Hill Bagging does, but that would be a bigger project...