Multiple Marilyn completions: Stac Pollaidh 'bad step' May 2016. Photo: Dave Chaffey

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Relative Matters, Relative Mutters, our Hill Bagging reports and Relative Chatters recordings of talks are members' area content, only available to RHSoc members.

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RHSoc organises a number of events each year for its members; the AGM and annual dinner, a number of 'Bagger Rambles' get-together events around the year at interesting locations, one line talks (Relative Chatters), plus coordinated trips to islands and hard to summit/restricted hills.

Members also join us to read our printed annual journal,  'Relative Matters', published each spring and members' e-newsletter, 'Relative Mutters', which is published through the year.

Relative Matters is the Society’s Annual printed Journal featuring articles and Baglogs by Members and Subscribers. Baglogs are hill-bagging recollections of the past year.

Photos, cartoons, quizzes and any sort of material relevant to hall-bagging may also be submitted for publication.

All the relevant Halls of Fame are included, plus lists of landmark achievements during the year.

It covers mainly British hills but there are usually a significant number of articles on overseas bagging, from Ireland to Australia.

Relative Mutters is our regular Newsletter produced by the Editorial Group to keep Members and Subscribers up to date with what is happening in the Society. Planned trips and events, reports on past events, details of subscription changes and any other relevant mutterings are included.

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