The Dodds Hall of Fame Dodds 2022

The Dodds are British Hills between 500 and 600m high with 30 metres of prominence.

The Dodd Hall of Fame lists the number of Dodds climbed by hill baggers who have submitted the number of hills they have climbed to us.  The qualifying total is 500 hills.

If you want to be included or spot errors, email Alex Cameron at

Codes: *=New entries, D=Deceased, R=Retired.

1Ken WhyteD1336
2Andy Hyams1328
3Rob Woodall21169
4Michael Earnshaw25953
5Colin Crawford11843
6Pete Ellis71772
7Martin Richardson2728
8Carole Engel720
9Andy Sutton5671
10Iain Brown 661
11Gerry Bowes0635
12Robert Phillips37633
13Anton Ciritis627
14Alan Dawson17623
15Stephen Stobie14621
16Graham Illing613
17Jim Bloomer7609
18Rick Salter16602
19David Purchase552
20Alan Holmes0535
21Norman Wares33534
22Robert Poole67533
23Jon Glew64504