The Humps Hall of Fame 2022

The Humps are British Hills with more than 100 metres of prominence.

The Humps Hall of Fame (HoF) lists the number of Humps climbed by hill baggers who have submitted the number of hills they have climbed to us. The qualifying total for entry to the HoF is 1200 hills with an Upper Hall at 2000 hills.

If you want to be included or spot errors, email

NB. Although not strictly part of Britain, the eleven Isle of Man Humps and the three Channel Island Humps are currently included in the RHSoc Hump Hall of Fame count.

1Rob WoodallC2982
1Alan WhatleyC2982
3Colin Crawford22965
4Michael Earnshaw752940
5Ursula Stubbings342885
6Martin Richardson02821
7Andy Sutton662723
8Ann BowkerD2700
9Iain BrownR2641
10Margaret Parker652596
11Rowland BowkerD2501
12Stewart Logan442442
13Jim Bloomer102395
14Rick Salter92378
15Gerry Knight142371
16Jenny Hatfield92355
17Alan Holmes02351
18Peter Ellis542318
19George MorlR2306
20Andy Hyams132278
21Richard McLellan672248
22Pete Hastie1342238
23Liz Hastie1342234
24Alan Dawson112230
25Campbell Singer52215
26Graham Illing302200
27Eric Young2184
28Peter CollinsR2177
29Gary Jones242161
30Brian Ewing312144
31Anne Bunn2130
32Bill Fairmainer362100
33Richard Speirs772083
34Eddie Dealtry192079
35Chris Peart02068
36Phil Cooper162036
37Tony Smith242034
38Norman Wares1382024
39Tom Mundell1012023
40Gordon Adshead01973
41Carole Engel1781958
42Alan Castle151954
43Robert Poole551951
44Jim Fothergill01947
45Martin CollinsR1912
46Lindsay Munro761880
47Dave Tyson651852
48Nigel Morters1201837
49Robert Phillips381805
50Ian Walton311765
51Jonathan de Ferranti01752
52Gill Stephens1111739
53Gordon Coventry181692
54Adrienne Coventry181692
55Alastair Govan1071686
56Denise McLellan781655
57Douglas Law131651
58Mark Smith11650
59Charlie Scott41637
60John Barnard81625
61John Starbuck621619
62Dorothy Stirling601612
63Jonathan Woods1561612
64Martyn Dougherty411605
65Tony RogersD1604
66Neil Sandilands41601
67Dave Beaumont491571
68Donald Irvine341554
69Trevor Littlewood41554
70Sue Littlewood41553
71Jonathan Whitehead301541
72Peter Malone01522
73John Ward21518
74Phillip Massey1041505
75Marion Mitchell541505
76Nicola Haworth981484
77Alison FoxD1472
78Chris Robinson581441
79David Stallard241435
80Charles Everett711429
81Simon Winton631426
82Andrew Finnimore21411
83Julie Brown1251404
84Gavin Theobald411404
85Chris Watson01390
86Chris Bienkowski91387
87Ian Galbraith831379
88Lindsay Boyd271360
89Dave Chapman3001357
90Andrew Brown301352
91Keith Anderson491340
92Gerry Bowes401335
93Alistair Deering101309
94Reg Willis261309
95Liz Galbraith771308
96Andrew Lawson1303
97Paul Wheeler631298
98Adrian Rayner781296
99Hugh Barron321288
100David PurchaseR1277
101Dave McGimpsey461276
102John Henderson01274
103Kenny Ballantyne1031272
104Bob Taylor331262
105Peter StandingD1255
106Stuart Benn511253
107Alison Robertson51226
108Bill Bowers01223
109Chris Osmond41222
110Andrew Simmons291222
111David Gilchrist811217
112Alex Kelso31215
113Jeanie Clabbie121212