The SIBs Ship’s Manifest 2020

The Significant Islands of Britain (SIBs) exceed 30m prominence and/or 30 hectares, as listed by Alan Holmes, with the additional proviso that they can be ascended without rock climbing

The SIBs Hall of Fame, known as The Ships Manifest, lists the number of SIBs climbed by hill baggers who have submitted the number of Sibs they have climbed to us.

If you want to be included or spot errors, email

New entries are indicated with an asterisk.

Totals climbed during the year are not shown for 2020 due to the pandemic.

See the SIB Ship Manifest 2019.

1Rob WoodallA534
2Andy SuttonA452
3Brian EwingA430
4Alan WhatleyA420
5George MorlR396
6Adrian RaynerA361
7Bob KerrA358
8Douglas LawA321
9Jim BloomerA252
10Charlie ScottA251
11Colin CrawfordA240
12Richard McLellanA169
13Steve GillionsA163
14Alex Cameron *A161
15Martin RichardsonA155
16Rick SalterA154
17Denise McLellanA153
18Michael EarnshawA142
19Jenny HatfieldA129
20Margaret ParkerA128
21Norman WaresA125
22Eric Young *A114
23Campbell SingerA109
24Richard SpeirsA103
25Andrew FinnimoreA102
26Anne Bunn *A97
27Gordon AdsheadA93
28David PurchaseA93
29Lindsay Munro A90
30Charles EverettA89
31Thomas MundellA84
32Reg WillisA83
33Bob TaylorA82