The SIBs Ship’s Manifest 2023

The Significant Islands of Britain (SIBs) exceed 30m prominence and/or 30 hectares, as listed by Alan Holmes, with the additional proviso that they can be ascended without rock climbing

The SIBs Hall of Fame, known as The Ships Manifest, lists the number of SIBs climbed by hill baggers who have submitted the number of Sibs they have climbed to us.

If you want to be included or spot errors, email

Codes: *=New entries into different levels of the Ship, D=Deceased, R=Retired.

Levels: Lower Deck 80-159; Main Deck 160-239; Upper Deck 240-319; Quarter Deck 320-399; Forecastle 400-479; Lounge 480-559; Captain's Table 560-599; The Bridge 600 & above

1Rob Woodall *34576
2Andy Sutton *24567
3Jon Glew19499
4Brian Ewing5450
5Alan Whatley0412
5Adrian Rayner *15412
7Alan Holmes *8404
8George MorlR396
9Bob Kerr23394
10Douglas Law22379
11Charlie Scott *18320
12Jim Bloomer0284
13Steve Gillions *48268
14Colin Crawford5249
15Denise McLellan23238
16Richard McLellan7237
17Norman Wares30216
18Jonathan Woods *73214
19Rick Salter16204
20Martin Richardson4194
21Michael Earnshaw11184
22Jenny Hatfield11180
23Alex Cameron11179
24Margaret Parker *0160
25Eric Young18149
26Andrew Finnimore0140
27Dave Chapman37139
28Jill Robertson66136
29Tim Hawkes38133
29Charles Everett5133
31Anne Bunn18129
32Richard Speirs1114
33Campbell Singer0110
33Phillip Massey6110
35Tony Smith6104
36Peter Ellis18101
37Peter Dinnage18100
38Gordon AdsheadD98
39Peter Hastie998
40Reg Willis095
40Lindsay Munro095
40Liz Hastie*995
43Thomas Mundell894
43Chris Ottley *2894
45David PurchaseR93
46Alan Dawson587
47Chris Peart *786
48Alastair Govan *985
49Bob Taylor084
50Janet Munro083
51Jonathan de Ferranti *281
51Tony Jenkins*4881