Annual RHSoc Membership Fees

The Storr Pinnacles with the Red and Black Cuillin beyond. Photo credit: John Henderson

The Relative Hills Society welcomes new members. Your  membership fee depends on whether you are currently a member of any national mountaineering body since the annual fee is made up of two parts:

  1. The RHSoc fee (£10).
  2. The Mountaineering Scotland Club fee (£17.50).

If you're already a member or a national mountaineering body such as Mountaineering Scotland (MS), Mountaineering Ireland (MI), or the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), either individually or via another Club, then you will not need to pay the Mountaineering Scotland fee since they already have the liability cover required by Mountaineering Scotland.

Please ask us about membership if you have any questions about the best option for you.

Membership fees and application form

The fees for 12 months RHSoc Ordinary membership payable in January 2021 are either:

  • £27.50  for non-members of a national mountaineering body, please complete this Application Form or
  • £10.00  -  for existing members of a national mountaineering body, please complete this Application Form.

The benefits of RHSoc Ordinary Membership are:

  • You can attend any events or trips organised by the Society. These typically involve Hostel meets throughout the year as well as the Annual Dinner in early Summer, and may include trips to the St Kilda islands and stacks.
  • You will receive our full-colour printed annual Journal Relative Matters which includes articles by members and is richly illustrated with hill photos from the UK and overseas.
  • You can access a members' area on the website which has more articles, photos and stories about members' activities
  • You will receive regular member articles and updates to the Relative Hills via the Relative Mutters e-newsletter.
  • Subscription to Mountaineering Scotland is also included and you will receive their excellent printed magazine four-times a year. This benefit only applies to those paying the £17.50 to RHSoc.
  • You will receive a Membership Card which you may use to collect discounts from retailers negotiated by Mountaineering Scotland.
  • You can submit contributions to the Editor for consideration for publication in Relative Matters.
  • You can attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting which takes place immediately before the Annual Dinner.

Joint membership

We have special rates for Joint Members, i.e. two people living at the same address.

A single copy of the Relative Matters Journal will be sent to this address.

Please ask us about these discounted membership fees.

Subscriber to Relative Matters

If you don't want to join as a member and receive membership benefits,  you can just subscribe to our Relative Matters Journal.

The annual subscription to Relative Matters for 2021 is £10.

If you wish to subscribe to Relative Matters, please complete this Application Form.

If you have any questions about the best option for you, please ask us about membership.