International Halls of Fame 2020

The Tables below are an edited extract provided to RHSoc by Mark Trengove from his Baggers without Borders International Peak-baggers' Registers and Halls of Fame.

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The P1500m Peaks ('Ultras')

Hall of Fame Thresholds for Ultras=15.

1Rob WoodallA334
2Richard MclellanA274
3Denise McLellanA233
4Pete EllisA99
5Adrian RaynerA74
5Martin RichardsonA74
7Alastair GovanA58
8Daniel QuinnA50
9Graham IllingA47
10Tove IllingA34
11Ann BowkerR28
12Rowland BowkerD27
13Rhona FraserA26
14Julie BrownA17
15Keith Anderson *A16
16Keith Craig *A15
16Peter BellarbyA15
16Chris Upson *A15

The P1000m Peaks ('Ribus')

Hall of Fame Thresholds for Ribus=30.

1Rob WoodallA533
2Richard MclellanA353
3Denise McLellanA304
4Martin RichardsonA211
5Pete EllisA126
6Adrian RaynerA98
7Daniel QuinnA89
8Alastair GovanA73
9Graham IllingA63
10Ann BowkerR40
10Rowland BowkerD40
12Rhona FraserA32
12Chris Upson *A32
14Peter BellarbyA30

The P600m Peaks ('Majors')

Hall of Fame Thresholds for Majors=150.

1Rob WoodallA883
2Martin RichardsonA553
3Richard MclellanA505
5Denise McLellanA391
6Pete EllisA268
7Alastair GovanA175
8Graham IllingA174
9Daniel QuinnA173
10Jim BloomerA168
10Rowland BowkerD168
12Ann BowkerR166
13Gary Jones *A157