The Simms Hall of Fame 2023

The Simms are British Hills over 600m high with 30 metres of prominence.

The Simms Hall of Fame (HoF) lists the number of Simms climbed by hill baggers who have submitted the number of hills they have climbed to us. The qualifying total for entry to the HoF is 2000 Simms and 1500 Simms for the corridor. If you want to be included or spot errors, email

Asterisks denote people who have entered the HoF or Corridor.

1Iain Thow2531
2Michael Earnshaw2531
3Rob Woodall2531
4Anne Bunn2531
5Eric Young2531
6Alan Dawson2531
7Graham Illing2531
8Alan Whatley2531
9Neil Sandilands2531
10Andy Hyams2526
11Colin Crawford2463
12Gavin Theobald2391
13Stuart Benn2224
14Peter Ellis2140
15Kenny Ballantyne2105
16Richard Speirs2024
17Bill Fairmaner2012
18Robert Phillips1978
19Alistair Deering1887
20Alan Castle1885
21Iain Walton1864
22Tony Smith1862
23Norman Wares1854
24Jim Bloomer1826
25Rick Salter1792
26Lindsay Boyd1770
27Martin Richardson1760
28Gary Jones1729
29Chris Robinson1729
30Alan Holmes1722
31Dave McGimpsey1714
32Allison Robertson1700
33Jenny Hatfield1690
34Lindsay Munro1680
35Alan Brook1645
36Carole Engel1644
37Robert Poole1643
38Eddie Dealtry1633
39David Stallard1631
40Stewart Logan1630
41John Ward1628
42Iain Brown1624
43Simon WintonĀ *1622
44John Starbuck1537
45Andy SuttonĀ *1522
46Hugh BarronĀ *1500