Isle of Skye Islands – May 2023


Canna Harbour. Photo credit © Copyright Ian Taylor. Geograph.

Trip summary

Four trips to four islands around Skye to coincide with the RHSoc Annual Dinner 2023.

Page updated 20/11/2022 showing schedule with additional boats.

Trip itinerary

The proposed schedule, subject to confirmation with boat companies, is:

M = Marilyn island     H= Hump island    * Tidal islands       **   hopefully wildlife viewing time as well.

Current schedule

Wednesday 24 May D. Soay and Bracadale
Thursday 25 May A. Canna (2 trips)
Friday 26 May C. Scalpay and Crowlins
B. Rona
Monday 29 May C. Scalpay and Crowlins
B. Rona
Tuesday 30 May D. Soay and Bracadale
Wednesday 31 May B. Rona


Places available

All boats are now full with reserve lists - please contact the co-ordinator to be added.

Challenges and competences needed

  • These RHSoc boats are not guided trips. Island landings are most likely to be on rocks and beaches with no jetties or steps. Sea and weather conditions can change very quickly. We will be guided by our expert skippers but everyone will need to make a personal judgement on the skills required to land given the prevailing swell, tide and weather¬†conditions. Everyone should be prepared not to land on any island if they feel they do not have the equipment and skills to do so
  • All trips are subject to the weather and conditions on the day. The skipper‚Äôs decision is final on such matters. There is the possibility of reserve days for trips cancelled due to conditions but these cannot be guaranteed


Given the current uncertainties it is not possible to predict what the costs will be next year. The best indicator I have is that the day cost this year of chartering a 12 seater RIB is in the order of £1200 Р£1500, so about £100/130, per person per day

Reserve or enquire about trip

Thanks to all those who have previously contacted me about these trips. There is enough interest to make all four trips viable, for RHSoc members.

All these trips are now oversubscribed. With this in mind would you please note the following:

  • If you wish to go on more than one trip please let me know your priority order.¬†I will use this data to do the best I can to make sure everybody gets something of what they want
  • A deposit of ¬£50 per trip should be paid¬†now¬†by¬†bank transfer to RHSoc account¬†
  • Please tell me the actual boat trip(s) you want to go on rather than¬†general¬†wishes such as ‚ÄėMarilyn islands‚Äô and so forth, to avoid any potential misunderstanding

There is a possibility of a third trip to Rona on Thursday 1 June. Priority will be given to those already on the reserve list but if you would like to be added to the reserve list for this or any other trips please email the Trip Coordinator,

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