Members celebrating a completion on Pykestone Hill

Join us – RHSoc Membership options

RHSoc is a friendly, informal outfit, aimed at helping folk meet their climbing and walking ambitions, and have fun in the hills.

RHSoc organises a number of events each year for its members; the AGM and annual dinner, a number of 'Bagger Rambles' get-together events around the year at interesting locations, Relative Chatters (online talks) plus coordinated trips to islands and hard to summit/restricted hills.

Members also join us to read our printed annual journal,Ā  'Relative Matters', each spring and members' e-newsletter, 'Relative Mutters', through the year.

NB You don't have to be a Member of one of our Halls of Fame to become a Member of the Society.

Fiona and Stuart Clark reach the Marilyn Hall of Fame on Newtyle Hill, Dunkeld

Relative Hills Society Membership benefits

The benefits of RHSoc Ordinary Membership are:

  • You can attend any events or trips organised by the Society. These typically involve Hostel meets throughout the year as well as the Annual Dinner in early Summer, and may include trips to the St Kilda islands and stacks.
  • You will receive our full-colour printed annual Journal Relative Matters which includes articles by members and is richly illustrated with hill photos from the UK and overseas.
  • You can attend virtual RHSoc meetings such as Relative Chatters, online talks about topics of interest.
  • You can access a members' area on the website which has more articles, photos and stories about members' activities.
  • You will receive regular member articles and updates to the Relative Hills via the RelativeĀ Mutters e-newsletter.
  • Subscription to Mountaineering Scotland is also included and you will receive their excellent printed magazine four-times a year.
  • You will receive a Membership Card which you may use to collect discounts from retailers negotiated by Mountaineering Scotland.
  • You can submit contributions to the Editor for consideration for publication in Relative Matters.
  • You can attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting which takes place immediately before the Annual Dinner.

Mountaineering Scotland affiliation benefits

The Relative Hills Society (RHSoc) is affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland, the national body for climbing and hill walking clubs in Scotland. This provides the liability cover that protects Members and the Committee from claims of negligence that may be made against the Society (N.B. it is not travel insurance).

The benefits of membership of Mountaineering Scotland include receiving their Scottish Mountaineer magazine four times per year, getting discounts on your outdoor purchases and winter access to Glen Strathfarrar. More details can be found in this leaflet.

Therefore, membership for Members of the Society includes a subscription to Mountaineering Scotland in addition to the RHSoc subscription. However, those who are already members of one of the National Mountaineering Bodies in the UK need not pay the MS fee to RHSoc.

How much does membership cost?

Your membership fee for the Relative Hills Society depends on whether you are already a member of any national mountaineering body.

The fees are explained on the Annual Fees Page

Apply to join the Relative Hills Society

Please complete this short form to get in touch with Jenny, our membership secretary and she can answer any questions about membership, let you know about upcoming optional trips and send you the relevant application form.

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Other options

Prospective Members

Anybody who is considering joining the Relative Hills Society may attend up to two trips or events, including social events, before formally becoming a Member.

All that is required is to register with the Membership Secretary: please register your interest in attending. There is no payment required and no paperwork.

To attend a third event, you will need to pay the relevant fees as described on the AnnualĀ FeesĀ Page.

(N.B. This does not apply to trips to St Kilda which require all those boarding the boats to be Ordinary Members of the Relative Hills Society. You should also note that Ordinary Members take priority over Prospective Members on our Events and Trips))

Subscriber to Relative Matters

If you are interested in Relative Hills and the exploits of the Society's Members, but do not wish to take part in any of the Society's trips or events, including social events, may become Subscribers to the annual Journal, Relative Matters. However, you will not be a Society Member.

The cost of this is explained on the AnnualĀ FeesĀ Page.

The benefits of this are:

  • You will receive an annual copy of our Journal, Relative Matters.
  • You can opt to receive regular news updates via the Relative Mutters newsletters.
  • You can submit contributions to the Editor for consideration for publication in Relative Matters.

However, since you will not be a member of the Society, you will not be able to:

  • Attend any trips, including social events and virtual meetings (e.g. Relative Chatters, online talks), organised by the Society.
  • Attend or vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Receive any of the benefits associated with Mountaineering Scotland affiliation, in particular the liability insurance.
  • Access content in the members' area on the website

If you have any questions about membership options or fees please please ask us about membership.

The Cairngorms from the Strathspey Railway. Photo by Chris Crocker.
The Cairngorms from the Strathspey Railway. Photo by Chris Crocker.