Hill Walking Achievement Certificates for UK Relative hills

Use our simple tool to create a downloadable and printable certificate if you're looking to celebrate a relative hill walking achievements for yourself, family or friends.

You can print a certificate for all the major types of UK relative hills and significant islands in the UK.

Please fill in all the fields on the form and you will then be emailed a PDF certificate and can download a copy for printing.

Why do RHSoc offer this?

The Relative Hills Society was formed to promote the enjoyment of climbing the UK's relative hills. To celebrate achievements of our Members and other hill walkers we manage and issue badges for Hall of Fame achievement lists such as climbing 600, 1000 or all of the Marilyns. It can take many years of effort to achieve this, so the idea of these certificates is that anyone can celebrate their achievements, no matter how young or old they are.

If you have any ideas of how the tool could be made more useful for hill baggers, please Contact us.

Privacy statement

Your personal details will be securely stored by this service when you complete the form. RHSoc will not pass on the details to any other organisations or add you to an email list to contact you regularly.

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The Relative Hills Society is a friendly, informal group, aimed at helping folk meet their climbing and walking ambitions, and have fun in the hills.
We aim to promote an interest in climbing the British hills that are prominent relative to their surroundings.
We welcome new members. Members join us to read our Annual Journal, check out our Halls of Fame and join us on Members' Events and Trips including an annual trip to St.Kilda.
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