Treshnish Isles from Oban – 23rd and 30th June 2024


Bac Mòr (Dutchman's Cap) seen over north end of Lunga

Trip summary

SIB bagging trip from Oban to the Treshnish Islands.

Attempting 9 or more islands, with primary objective Bac Mor (Dutchman’s Cap).

Landings will be condition-dependent.


2 dates:

  • 23rd June, 2024
  • 30th June, 2024

Departure time 0800 Oban TBC


Jill Robertson 23 June

(Supported in 2nd boat Rick Salter 30 June)

Trip itinerary

As usual with island trips, they will be subject to weather conditions and skipper’s decisions on the day and there can be no guarantee of landing on all or any of the islands. The primary objective is to land and summit Bac Mor with other islands included as time and conditions permit.

Proposed islands:

  • Calve Island NM520553
  • Cairn Na Burgh More NM305447
  • Lunga NM278419
  • Bac Mor (Dutchmans Cap) NM243387
  • Eilean Dioghlum NM350421
  • Staffa NM323351
  • Soa Island NM243192
  • Creag Island NM243192
  • Eilean A’ Chapman NM243192

(With potentially Fladda NM298439 and Stac Mhic Mhuchaidh NM241262 as time permits)

Places available

2 boats, 12 people per boat.

Departure or meeting place

Oban - depart slipway in front of Regent Hotel.


Arrange own accommodation

Challenges and competences needed

To land on the islands you will need to be able to exit and return onto a moving boat, no jetty landings, will require good balance/coordination and possibly microspikes, poles, gloves.

Businesses arranged through

Cameron and Struan Smith – Coastal Connection Ltd.



£45 deposit with balance by end April.

Reserve or enquire about trip


rick_salter AT – secondary contact

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